Season One: Episode 1 ‘Pilot’

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Breaking Bad Episode Guide
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My favourite series of all time is Soprano’s it was superb but started slowly I always felt even watching it back, Tony in therapy after some ducks came and left was a strange start to a superb series, but slow nonetheless.


Bogdan – Caterpillar Brows

Breaking Bad doesn’t have this issue, the opening scene of the Pilot shows a beige pair of trousers flying through the sky, then pans to a Winnebago RV being driven by a semi naked middle aged man in a gas mask with what appears to be a dead or dying man next to him, fantastic, gripping and anyone who wasn’t hooked from this scene simply has no concept of high octane drama.The pilot sets the scene of the 1st Series in that Walter White (Richard Cranston) is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, a mild mannered, honest decent man working two jobs as a High School Teacher and a car wash receptionist who occasionally has to help out wipe cars down from his bizarre eye browed boss Bogdan.

Walter from here starts to plot a very different career in where he is going to cook Crystal Methamphetamine with a former High School pupil in order to leave enough money for his family when he inevitably dies from his cancer.

Going from mild mannered gentleman to cold blooded killer in the space of 1 short hour, Walters cooking skills attract a supplier to their mobile cook site where he poisons Krazy 8 and Jesse’s form partner Emilio, the latter dying in the RV while Krazy 8 is very much still alive.


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